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Prince Sombra has just inherited the crystal empire from his late Father. The young Prince is grief stricken but tries to find happiness in his dark times. Having the Grand Galloping Gala going on in Canterlot seems like the best place to go for a good time. Upon arriving he surprise to see the reason why his family never went to these sort of things. Many believe that this is the last Gala that King Dawnbreaker will be alive for. His two daughters Celestia and Luna are suspected to be have begun training in the art of raising the day and night. With the entertainment of the evening being a barbaric circus run by slaves, Sombra tries to save the performers afterwards from their life of misery. He fails to safe them all but he does manage to save one. A young changeling. Taking her away and inserting her into his daily life, she soon becomes a close friend to him. Eventually Sombra starts to feel that there is something more between them. What fallows is a tale of passion which leads to many changes in the life of the young prince. Sombra spirals down the path of blind love not caring what may happen.
"Love can sometimes blind us to reason. Which leads to insanity."

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