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Homo Avis: the next step of human evolution. If any Homo sapiens were still alive they would call of us Angels, with our feathered wings on our backs. Camp FEATHER is one of the many camps around the world created to help all fledglings. Fledglings learn from their mentors in small one-on-one groups. How would the Wonderbolts react when a Homo Avis fell through their Cloud Dome?

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A bard, a being who tells stories and sings songs, lands in Equestria, soon even Canterlot is raving about this mysterious "Bard". That is, if he can learn to live with being blind. Hopefully there's a piano somewhere.

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1/2/13:on hiatus until inspiration hits. sorry 'bout that!
1/7/14: Inspiration hit. Like a truck. Ont the freeway, going 90 mph. Thanks, DM
DM: Guess we know who was driving that truck. Meep meep, motherbucker.
1/7/14:Featured box... Huh?
1/8/14: I broke Fimfiction.

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