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An analysis of the Italian Nursery Rhyme from Ch 9 · 5:11am April 15th

Excuse me while I nerd out about that Italian nursery rhyme from Chapter Nine.

Cavallino arri, arrò,
prendi la biada che ti do,
prendi i ferri che ti metto
per andare a San Francesco.
A San Francesco c’è una via
che ti porta a casa mia.
A casa mia c’è un altare
con tre monache a lavorare,
una cuce, una taglia,
una fa cappelli di paglia;
la più piccola e vecchietta
Santa Barbara benedetta.

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Well, this is embarrassing · 7:15pm April 6th

EDIT: Ch 8 is published again!

I temporarily unpublished Chapter eight of A Tail of Two Ponies until I can work out with a mod how stringent a particular rule is, and how to adapt said chapter if I did violate said rule.

I didn't realize that A Tail of Two Ponies would still sit there on the front page, as though chapter eight was still up. I think I'm going to leave things the way they are for now, lest I somehow make things worse and break the site.

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Looking for Editors! · 1:44am April 4th

Any(pony) wants to try their (hoof) at giving the chapters I have published a solid look through for spelling, grammar, style, and plot consistency? Though, I would like to have someone proofread chapters before I publish them, so they can be more polished.

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Thank you · 7:52am March 26th

I have no idea what I'm doing. I have an option to make a blog, so I guess I should use it?

We have cover art for A Tail of Two Ponies, now, thanks to the wonderful QuixoticPirates, though it wasn't initially intended to be cover art, it's more than satisfactory.

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