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When Doctor Whooves first arrives in Ponyville, he isn't alone. He's chasing after a being known as the Shadowed One. As the Doctor runs through the Everfree forest, he is stung by one of the deadliest creatures of all: the manticore. He learns that he has five days to live, before the incurable poison forces him to regenerate- with a fifty percent chance he won't survive the process. He now has five days to locate and stop the malicious Shadowed One before Ponyville, no, all of Equestria, is doomed. And with the locals not exactly being their friendliest due to the changeling scare, who knows what could happen?

Also, the picture has nothing to do with the story. I just felt like it was too much to resist.

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Darkness rules the land; Celestia is gone, hidden away. The sun does not shine, nor the moon. All is cold night, hard and unforgiving. Until one little filly changes everything...

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Grayscale is quite you average pony. He has a steady job and works regular hours. He fills out his taxes on time and always remembers to brush his teeth. In fact, he is so ordinary that ponies easily forget him. He thinks nothing of this and his extremely, well, boring, life until he bumps into a most unusual mare one day. Little does he know that this encounter would change the course of his life forever.

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