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A light has left from her life, and happiness has faded in turn. One late night, with nothing else to do but run, Scootaloo hops onto her motorcycle with bags in tow, takes a corner past 5th Street, and leaves town for anywhere but.

Sometimes, you just can't go home again.

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The world as we know it was on the brink of war fifteen years ago. Tensions were high, government officials had been assassinated, and Equestria, Griffonia, and essentially the rest of the entire Earth was teetering on the edge of global conflict. At the last second, however, an armistice was set forth, and peace showed up just in time. This consequently led to the now troublesome presence of the new wartime inventions, ranging from the deadly machine guns, to—as countless as they were—the battle-ready tanks.

The research and time spent working on such vehicles would be a waste ending up simply scrapped... so the leaders of the world all thought up one thing. A sport, you could call it, waged every year across the globe, with no boundaries, no real rules, and lots and lots of explosions.

Duck Bill never liked being born into a family of Tank Warudo warriors, and, honestly, she didn't really like the idea of Tank Warudo in the first place, but if her entrance into this year's competition meant a long overdue victory for the Ponyville Horsepowers, she could handle a crew of boneheads for awhile.

Thanks to my good pal Phoenix of Aurelius for being a consultant on all things tank! Thanks buddy! Panzer vor!

Those cute little tanks in the cover art are also shamefully lifted from the Tanks Encyclopedia! Please go and show them some love. They work really hard, and have unknowingly helped me immensely!

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Big Macintosh, wishing for some peace and quiet after a long season of Harvest—and a variety of problems he'd rather not touch on—heads north to stay by his lonesome in a wood lodge.

Thanks to TheBreadMaker for the cover art! Go give him some love.

Recommended to be read in Not-Night-Mode.

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He loved her all through their childhood. Then she went off with another, and simply vanished.

It's been a few days since she showed up at his front door, on the breeze of a cold fall night, after ten whole years. This time will be better.

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High Flyer is hopelessly in love with Ditzy Doo.

He plans on asking her out the next time she delivers a package to his door.

He's basically a huge coward. He buys more packages. He plans more. He becomes broke.

Inspired by the absolutely incredible song from the Wasteland Wailers! Go give 'em some love!

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One day, Octavia decided to go for a walk around town.

A few weeks—then months—later, she became friends with a Griffonian Warlord, had tea with the ambassador of Zebrica, played music for a Draconic god, hoof-bumped a Sea Serpent, stopped a Diamond Dog raid, traveled across an arid desert, joined a pack of Gypsies on a pilgrimage, and found herself in the middle of a bloody race war with nothing but a box of wool socks.

Gods did those things smell.

Inspired by Zenith, a wonderful work from The Descendant.

Now has its own TV Tropes page, courtesy of Phoenix of Aurelius, who doubles as the occasional editor!

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