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re- Yamsmos

Alaska-based Anglophile too obsessed with the World Wars and Best Girl Hanako. Riddled with issues.

Justin Vernon is my hero




^ This right here might is actually my favorite song of all time.

^ This right here might actually be the sweetest fucking song I've ever listened to.

^ This right here might be the most heartbreaking fucking thing I've ever heard in my life. HE FUCKING GETS UP AND LEAVES HALFWAY THROUGH IT BECAUSE HE'S CRYING AND SHIT.

^ This is the most I've ever wanted to actually full on bawl because of a song. Jesus fucking Christ this glorious man and his painfully aggressive baritone.


My wife, a 1942, Soviet M91/30 I've named Yuri. Say hi!

Yes, that's me.

Huge Fan Of These People (CLICK THEM)

I Spend Seven Hours Drawing Sometimes, Too (It's Mostly Just Best Horse Octavia Though)

Avast! I have become equivalent to tumblr trash!

"And my heart it always breaks..."

"...and I keep filling up with just this one thing to say."

You bet your fucking asshole I pasted this together.

Have a cozy Doki! Keep your Dokis warm this winter.

Habitual falling, right?

Spoilers for Doki Doki Literature Club, by the way. Go play it first. It's literally free.

Genuinely have no fucking clue why I like this song so much.

Get colonized, bitch.

How Do You Write Octavia's Accent So Well?

Just Watch This Shit Everyday

To whom it may concern.

Taking it easy.

-------> About the "re-" part. <-------

"It’s 'regarding'. People use it in letters and emails. It’s about pointing towards an idea, to amplify that this song is about the stacks. I mean, every song title does that in a way, but I just really wanted to point it out: this song isn’t the stacks, it’s about the stacks."

why is this thing FUCKMNIGN BORKEN

I Write Stories About Broken Ponies

Sorry You Had To See All That On Your Way To My Comments!

Please Leave All Complaints And Insults Below.

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Story Approver

It's a gem, isn't it?

Smug is the best.

I honestly don't know why I clicked that.

Think your avatar has hidden abilities.

Story Approver

Uh, thanks for the follow, I guess. :derpytongue2:

Who would win.

Your childhood best friend or...

One twisty boy

Thinking about making a Sayori joke

No, like the tracked vehicle.

Sorry in your bio when you say taker are you talking about a ship?


Specifically Eagle River.

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Brilliant Words

"A great love is a lot like a good memory. When it's there, and you know it's there, but it's just out of your reach, it can be all you think about. Sure, you can... focus on it, and try to force it, but the more you do... the more you seem to push it away. But. If you're patient, and you just hold still, well, maybe... just maybe, it'll come to you. You just gotta hope you're in the right place for them to find you." -Leonard Church, voiced by Burnie Burns (paraphrased)

"We can't escape the past, so you and her will always last." -Pip, a wonderful friend of mine

"Just because someone can handle the pain does not mean they deserve it." -Pip

"'I've learned this much about marriage,' he said now, 'you get tested. You find out who you are, who the other person is, and how you accommodate or don't.'" -Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays With Morrie

"If you can't be a good example, be a horrible warning." -Marba, a really good horse

"Sometimes you gotta just keep plugging away until something sticks."

"You can be alone without being lonely." -Marba

"It's always darkest before the dawn." -Hank Schrader

"Don't take pity on the shitty."

"And at once I knew, I was not magnificent." -Justin Vernon, Holocene

"Music is like air to me, and I just want to help you breathe." -Oliver Tank, Help You Breathe

"Don't let the world convince you your dreams are a fantasy, there's always time." -Oliver Tank

"The second someone favorites your fanfiction, you have a responsibility to finish it. Someone showed faith in your story, show that you are worthy of it." -Dragonalias, a guy I don't even know

"We are all just dumb all the time, that doesn't mean our words are." - Sunshine What might've been lost don't bother me.

"Who I have is what I carry home." -Justin Vernon, 89

"The last enemy is always you."

"We need darkness to appreciate light and all that. Loneliness to appreciate friendship and love; sadness to appreciate alcohol." -Marba

"'Stop quoting me' -Marba. That's all I ask for. Also, stop fucking quoting me." -Marba

"I'm the little star in SoCal that never goes out." -Marba, regarding the Visitor's Map (which was super nice holy shit)

"I really love you as a human being." -Whom I shall gladly call, "Ms. re: Stacks"

Good Winter Wall

Best Bon Iver song. Short and brutal.

I think, down here, I'll make a bit of a journal. No one will see this, but at least I'll be typing it out and not just keeping it in. Will wipe and change dates as they come.

12/19/2017 10:49 PM
Feeling eh tonight. I dunno. Weird. Am I bipolar?

1/3/2018 9:00 PM
2018 is a year of renewal. It won't be a confrontation, nor will it be a search for forgiveness. Neither out of anger nor borne from pity. These aren't loose ends. This is closure for a warring conflict, and the hopeful beginnings to a return to good health.

1/11/2018 8:16 PM
It's quaint how quickly one can go from hyped-up "fuck yeahs" to avoiding your friends, seeking quiet places, and not feeling too well in any sense of the word. I dunno. What the fuck is wrong with me?

2/4/2018 10:23 PM
In all of my eighteen years, never would I have thought I'd resort to self-harm. Christ, fuck.

2/12/2018 7:10 PM
It's like a hunger.

2/18/2018 7:53 PM
Tired. My shoulders ache. I'm so fucking tired. I don't know what it is about tonight, but I'm not feeling well whatsoever. Fuck, man.

2/19/2018 11:30 AM
As if on autopilot, I just cut ties with a close friend of mine.

2/19/2018 9:04 PM
Feeling just a tad nervous now. Feels like things are coming to some kind of close. The hell is going on?

2/20/2018 6:41 PM
Had an internal attack of some sort about fanfiction. God that's fucking pathetic.

2/24/2018 9:11 PM
It's always important to have a good cry. Even if it's a super fucking ugly one.

2/24/2018 9:12 PM
In other news, I've officially started work on a project that is certainly gonna take me more than a year to complete, especially by myself. The script may only be like a hundred words so far, but a start is a start.