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Alaska-based lover of all things Britain. Proud owner of a Soviet tanker helmet. Author of both "Mares und Panzer" and "Stroll", which I'd more than love you for if you checked out! Panzer vor!

If you feel like it, read some of my best works!

  • Stroll Octavia takes a leisurely walk around the world, trying to get home. by re- Punished Yamsmos 168,540 words · 799 views · 41 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Tie Fighters Octavia Philharmonica is very prideful of her tie-tying skills. Noteworthy is very prideful of his messing with her at every chance possible. The ensuing tie war was inevitable and completely unavoidable. Simple but sweet NoteTavia fic. by re- Punished Yamsmos 8,891 words · 797 views · 45 likes · 4 dislikes
  • This Place He loved her all through their childhood. Then she went off with another, and simply vanished. It's been a few days since she showed up at his front door, on the breeze of a cold fall night, after ten whole years. This time will be better. by re- Punished Yamsmos 2,448 words · 167 views · 9 likes · 1 dislikes

Justin Vernon is my hero

^ This right here might is actually my favorite song of all time.

^ This right here might actually be the sweetest fucking song I've ever listened to.

^ This right here might be the most heartbreaking fucking thing I've ever heard in my life. HE FUCKING GETS UP AND LEAVES HALFWAY THROUGH IT BECAUSE HE'S CRYING AND SHIT.

^ This is the most I've ever wanted to actually full on bawl because of a song. Jesus fucking Christ this glorious man and his painfully aggressive baritone.

Yes, that's me.

oh my god its beautiful

its literally twelve minutes of a single guy fucking around on a slide guitar and a trombone and its absolutely beautiful

I'd totally go gay for Justin Fucking Vernon. He's a fucking cool g0y.

The Dancepack

So a tired and homesick Earth Pony mare with a dark red double bass, a hulking and armored Griffon with a really big gun, a young, tribal Zebra with clinking potions on his belt and a bow on his back, a rowdy, ex-cop Pegasus mare who can't stop punching people, and an adept Unicorn spell caster previously working double shifts at a famous burger joint walk into a bloody war zone with nothing but an old box of smelly wool socks and try to tell both sides to calm the hell down.

Huge Fan Of These People (CLICK THEM)

I Spend Seven Hours Drawing Sometimes, Too (It's Mostly Just Best Horse Octavia Though)

I started writing NoteTavia out of a dumb reason but now I actually kind of like what I've done with it. There's no getting off this boat. ;_;

Graciously provided by BleedingEquine!

-> Panzer vor! Also stay safe out there, Abram. <-

How Do You Write Octavia's Accent So Well?

Just Watch This Shit Everyday

To whom it may concern.

-------> About the "re-" part. <-------

"It’s 'regarding'. People use it in letters and emails. It’s about pointing towards an idea, to amplify that this song is about the stacks. I mean, every song title does that in a way, but I just really wanted to point it out: this song isn’t the stacks, it’s about the stacks."

why is this thing FUCKMNIGN BORKEN

Future Projects I May Never Get To (Womp Womp)

  • Hadestown One day, with nary a second thought, Applebloom realizes that she needs to go to hell. by re- Punished Yamsmos 0 words · 0 views
  • Pony Cove Bon Bon's grandmother passed five years ago. The two barely knew each other. One day, a letter was delivered to Bon Bon's door. Inside was a letter—the deed to her elder's plot of land along a faraway coast line. She'd much rather not have it. by re- Punished Yamsmos 0 words · 0 views
  • How To Be Popular Despite everything, from the insults, to the narcissism, to the bad grades, to the toxic attitudes, to the underlying issues, and to the reassurance of everyone else, every young filly and colt wants to be like the cool kids in school. by re- Punished Yamsmos 0 words · 0 views
  • Bon Bon Iver Bon Bon, after a horrible series of events, isolated herself in a cabin in the north. After three months, she's returned... and now she sings horrible songs about gambling and wolves. by re- Punished Yamsmos 0 words · 0 views

Fantastic Horse Words

Brilliant Horse Words

  • Home is for the Weak The princess of the sun and a gimp orphan sit in a cardboard box. by Pickleless 22,167 words · 7,480 views · 1,490 likes · 33 dislikes
  • My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic! What happens when the Reds and Blues finally get Church out of the Epsilon unit? Caboose decides he wants a turn in the unit, of course! What happens next? Well let's just say he always did say he wanted a pony, now he has a world full of them. by DarkWing 343,908 words · 28,222 views · 2,773 likes · 142 dislikes
  • Let's Get A Wiggle On In a Noir setting, Twilight and pals try to whisk a certain somepony from a Unicornian speakeasy. by Taxus 4,299 words · 6,155 views · 190 likes · 4 dislikes

Beautiful Horse Words Except All Are By Edge Lord Regidar

  • Hospice Caramel deals with several very unhealthy relationships. by Regidar 9,519 words · 1,100 views · 131 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Yearbook January Fluttershy heads off the the frozen northlands of Arctica. by Regidar 7,696 words · 499 views · 59 likes · 2 dislikes
  • First Snow Rainbow Dash is out in the first snow of the winter. by Regidar 1,554 words · 713 views · 86 likes · 4 dislikes
  • He Gave Her A Rose He gave her a rose. She began to understand. by Regidar 1,192 words · 2,113 views · 272 likes · 10 dislikes

Bullshit I Spew And Try To Never Defend

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Don't worry about it buddy.:heart:
Personally, the only thing preventing me from enjoying it more is the fact that I suck at FPS video games. Playing by myself is bad enough, but when I have to play against other people, I get scrubbed like caked grease. Also why I don't play GTA.
Well, I should probably get back to my little shitfic. I'm late posting. Again.

Funny story, actually.

I pre-ordered the first one super hard. Me and my friend Lewis were hyped to play it. He got a poster, I was promised early access to very obviously early-in-the-game-already-obsolete weaponry. I loved the hell out of it, kicked ass as a scrubby shotgun spamming Titan. First DLC came out, I was like 15 or so at the time, no job, didn't buy it. You kind of needed the DLCs to keep playing the game efficiently, so I said fuck it and my friends continued onward.

Played the Destiny 2 beta. Felt more of the same thing, though I'll admit it was pretty damn good compared to the first. All my friends have it, but I don't mind. Less people playing GTA so I can grind money.

The only games I'm looking forward to this year and next are Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last of Us Part II. Yeah. That's it.

I genuinely, legitimately appreciate you sticking by me! You're definitely one of my favorites. :twilightsmile:

Hate you? Never. It just means I have to read another one of your stories.
Full-time jobs aside, did you get Destiny 2 yet? Normally you'd grace us with a post gushing about how much you love that new game that just came out.

Pretty damn well!

Currently writing more Stroll (I'm on 1,730 words at the moment), planning on doing The Wolves later, and I've got another fic coming up that you can actually see in the center of my Future Projects tab up top!

Thanks for checking up on me. Really makes me feel relieved that you and all the other OMM readers don't hate me. :heart:

Hey Yam. How's it going up there?

It's a Let's Play by Vinesauce.

There are condensed versions that are shorter but show all the important parts like so, and then there are the full streams that are usually an hour long.

So is this a podcast or let's play or something I should be watching?

If you're meaning Walrus and Alpaca, they're from a series by the Vinesauce channel about the game Tomodachi Life, which is like a mixture of Animal Crossing and a mobile game you check everyday.

Alpaca is the waifu for very large reasons. Don't wanna spoil it, per say, but through a mixture of the greatest RNG I've ever seen and quirky mad-lib type questions, she fell for a clown, got dumped, turned to cocaine and LSD in her depression, got desperate and tried to date everyone, finally got together with a MEME, had a kid, became a widow, and got together with a sea creature.


If you didn't mean that, then I'm dumb and kill me. This fanart doesn't deserve to exist considering who it's actually based off.

Who are they and why are they such cutie patooties?

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Good Winter Wall

Best Bon Iver song. Short and brutal.