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"We are all born mad. Some remain so." -Estragon, Waiting for Godot

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"And so you rise to this challenge expecting that revolution will be simple?" Obsidian snarled, his incredulity clear in his voice. "I suppose it would be, had you not spent your entire life fighting for the wrong side. The Elements of Harmony, my ponies, are not peacekeepers—you are war-enders, and you're going up against another set of the same. And I feel there's no better time than now to welcome you into history's latest horrendous repetition."

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When asked why she delves into the most ancient and treacherous temples in known and unknown Equestria, Daring's most likely response is a shrug and a casual, "Eh. It's a living."

At some points, however, the most petrifying ventures have the potential to be those merely within the complex ruins of the inner city. This is one of those ventures. Daring Do, with her heaviest load of cold hard cash strapped firmly to her back, must walk through the cold hard streets of Manehattan... at night.

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Sequel to Envy and Arrogance.

Sweeping changes are taking Equestria by the reins as the conflict between Harmony and Discord becomes more fully understood, and, at the same time, less clear than ever before. With nopony to count on but themselves, and sometimes not even that, the Elements of Harmony are forced to either punish the guilty or leave all they know at the mercy of Lady Luck as they go up against two of the most powerful entities in all the world.

(Cover image by HereticOfDune; illustrations by LingLiJing and Denial.)

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With the help of forces beyond their control, six friends discover their true importance in Equestria’s timeline. With this new knowledge in hoof, they must try to figure out whom or what has crosshairs on their foreheads. The Elements of Harmony aren’t the only weapons of mass destruction in Equestria.

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