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"We are all born mad. Some remain so." -Estragon, Waiting for Godot


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  • EThe Story of My Life
    Ditsica Doo has 24 hours to find somepony stupid enough to help her with her desperate scheme.
    Mindblower · 26k words  ·  431  6 · 6.4k views
  • EGold Star
    Mom says that families who work really hard get to put a gold star on the inside of their windows.
    Mindblower · 3.6k words  ·  272  4 · 3.9k views
  • EDaring Do and the Dark Walk Home
    Though Daring is most commonly remembered for her grand adventures in ruins, her primary subsistence is derived under the cover of darkness. Sometimes, this darkness is not as friendly to her nerves as she would like.
    Mindblower · 3.4k words  ·  91  1 · 1.2k views
  • TEnvy and Arrogance
    The Elements are critical to world stability. Twilight and her friends find this out the hard way.
    Mindblower · 81k words  ·  246  11 · 13k views