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first blog ever · 6:47am Sep 22nd, 2013

so like the title said this is my first blog ever. my friends told me how to do it. and that it will help sperd the word about my new story's. so to my 5 followers I like to say thanks for following and or reading any on my fics. i'm busy as of late. but I got a whole 2 days off work and have been able to do some writing and art work. keep in mind.i have somewhere closes to 25 story written up. I just have to wait on my editor. but he done a good job. I also went out and got dragon software. so

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Alright for anyone who care. me and shadowfoot just put out a new co-fic. he putting it up for the reason he has followers by the truck load. so there i'm a crazy old man and i've said something crazy.

update new fic me and my friend Jason put together. he posting it. it call 2 pony's 1 boat. it was fun making it. so I hope people will check it out. he said something about posting today. but well see.:rainbowhuh:

ok guys. I got good news and bad news and other good news. the good news is that I got a new laptop. the bad news is. now word program. the other good news. I had time to write at less 5 new fics.so just wait for me to download a word program and i'll b back in bussness. p.s. I got a new editor. so thing will be easyer to read and I got him working on my new fic already. one other thing. i'm sorry for the delay on my new pc. some thing came up and the money was needed else were. now I hope you can all wait for the trilling ending on Mystery in Equestria last chapter. I think you'll be confuse until the end:pinkiecrazy:

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Comment posted by EndlessKnight980 deleted Jun 24th, 2013
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