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Mexican Brony who studies animation. Is all for grimdark, adventure, and shipping stories. Avid gamer and cinephile... idk what else to put here lol


Alicorn Scrolls update-ish thing · 3:43am Jan 24th, 2013

Hello everyone! RyuuKiba here with some news!

Well, it's been a while and the new chapter isn't quite done, especially with how busy everything else I gotta do has been making me...

In any case I've been sneaking in some work on it and it should be done in about a month or so... I'm saying a month assuming I don't get any free time for it at all... lets hope I get a good weekend or something so I can get it to you guys sooner!

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999791 Yes, that's a very good possibility. But we shall see and we shall wait. Like the main character in The Terminal. I love that movie

893992 That's a question we all are asking right now, maybe they're just preoccupied? I'm saying they because I don't know their gender and such:derpytongue2: But yes, reaching on 42 weeks... I still wait

I hope he's still alive.......:fluttercry:

Hi! Just wondering if everything is fine with life at the moment seeing as you haven't logged in for about 15 weeks.

Also assuming you see this because of the mailing system that FimFic uses. Or you could just delete this and quickly check on the site like what I do:rainbowwild:

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