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The SCP Foundation had been everywhere on the internet; from the sites to the game. But nobody really knew that it had acctually existed...
SweetieBelle, now older and with her cutie mark, has been confirmed to be in the Class-D to test some of the SCP's. But something terrible happens on her first day on-the-job...
THANK YOU TO Pixelstarpony ON dA FOR THE COVER! I'd be screwed without you ;-;
(Based off of the reaction of a few My Little Foundation players.)


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Not very long ago, Regina, Emma, Henry, Snow, Charming, Blue and Gold were brouught to Equestria after an attempt to take them home; now, with the Mane 6 and the Crusaders, they're searching for an old, missing spell tome, while the threat of Regina and the Amulet nags at the back of Emma's mind.

Sequel to Once Upon a Time; Failed Spell (read it if you haven't in order to understand the story)

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It has been a long time scince Lusa, Kallik, Toklo and Ujurak saved the wild; now that the four seekers are in the stars with all their ancestors, the balence of the wild has began to falter. Strong-willed cubs were in a shortage this year during a forest and ice shortage, thanks to the flat-faces, but Lusa makes a discovery that could cancel their doubts and bring back the balence of the wild.

On hiatus until I can find some good inspiration and I've finished with my first and second stories. May be cancelled.

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Storybrooke was originally part of a fairy-tale world. Once the curse was half-broken they all remembered, apart from Regena and Mr.Gold. Then, when Hook and Korra, the mother of Regena, came to Storybrooke. That was solved easily too. Mary Margret, or Snow White, is still growing darkness in her heart when Gold finds a way to bring them back to their own world; but there is something else. The spell he uses could either bring them to a new world - or a completely different one. Deciding to take the risk, the Blue Fairy, Regena, Charming, Snow, Emma, Henry and Gold go together to test it; and end up in a world beyond what they can understand.

WARNING; I am labeling this for everyone, because Once Upon a Time is a family series, but it contains mild swearing.
Also, if you dislike this, please leave a comment to tell me why so I can fix this, unless its the plot. Why would you click it and read it if the series doesn't interest you?

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NOTE: This is intended for children and adults 8 years old or older. it contains some fight scenes and hunt scenes. if you are faint of heart, DO NOT READ. So, if I may...
When Thunderheart rescued Faolan from the river that early spring night, she was sure it was a blessing from Ursa. But when Thunderheart starts losing hope that she can raise a wolf pup, her being a bear, its as if Ursa sends her another sign; a rockslide, underneath the most amazing things Thunderheart has ever seen. Based on Lasky's Wolves of the Beyond (and/or Guardians of Ga'Hoole) and Hasbros MLP, FiM, comes Ponies of the Beyond.

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