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18-year-old awesome brony who writes for fun. Also speedruns Zelda OoT and OoT 3D.

Stories. (go figure)


Off the Radar · 6:35pm Nov 25th, 2014

Hello world.

So I've been off the radar almost everywhere (except my Twitch channel) for a loooooong time now. Life has been really complicated. I got a real job. I got really, really sick. Last Tuesday night, I was attacked in my home. And today, I am at the funeral for the woman who, apart from my family members, has had a greater impact on my life thus far than anyone else ever has.

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My Constantly-Changing Favorite Stories.

  • Equestria Legends Online A New virtual reality MMO goes screwy with the arrival of discord. Now over a thousand bronies are trapped in a virtual reality, and the only way out is to play Discord's game. Will they collect the Elements of Harmony in time, or die trying? by Shadowflame 332,256 words · 7,576 views · 422 likes · 37 dislikes
  • Twilight's Song As Twilight goes throughout her new life, she takes care to never forget the special ponies that helped to mold her into who she is, even with the pain that comes with the memories. One pony in particular, however, stands out among the rest. by Radiant Dawn 10,431 words · 6,648 views · 612 likes · 30 dislikes
  • Best Chance for a Romance When Blueblood agrees to help Spike find love at the Gala, he has no idea that the dragon's paramour already has her sights set on him, not to mention that another mare has plans of her own for Spike. -Heart to Heart Sequel- by Crosis 17,658 words · 6,297 views · 349 likes · 12 dislikes

Part 2

  • Of Laurels & Lace Rarity receives an invitation to a masquerade, but was immediately thrown into conspiracy, treachery and, above all, love. by WritingSpirit 348,871 words · 2,989 views · 92 likes · 12 dislikes
  • And He Silently Painted A Rainbow Rainbow meets a talented, autistic patient, and has to spend the 12 Days of Hearth's Warming acting as her guardian after a slight 'misunderstanding', at least in her opinion. by WritingSpirit 48,496 words · 3,352 views · 219 likes · 8 dislikes
  • A New Friend Rowan was an ordinary guy... that is, until he was sent to Equestria as a unicorn. Now armed with extraordinary magical powers, he must stop a massive force from entering Equestria. Book 1 of the Shadow Magic Series. by Shadowflame 56,756 words · 2,273 views · 155 likes · 16 dislikes

Short Bio

My name is Ben, but you will call me Sky. I write stuff, and Speedrun Zelda OoT and OoT 3D.

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Fav. Story Genres: Grimdark, Dark, Supernatural (Hauntings, dark rituals, evil spirits, ect.), Sad, Tragedy, Adventure, Romance.

I do most of my writing when I'm not speedrunning.


Mane 6: Fluttershy
Music Types: Dubstep, Trance, plain Electronic, a lot of movie soundtracks, and Depressing Piano Music.
PMV: Shy [PMV]

Anime: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. It even beat out Puella Magi Madoka Magica in the end.
Video Game Series: The Legend of Zelda
Handheld Gaming Device (Besides the cheater NVidia Shield): 3DS (because fu*k you, that's why. I sold my old 3DS XL and bought a 3DS XL Zelda (A Link Between Worlds) Edition.)
Gaming Console (Besides PC): Wii U (again, because f*ck you)


Mane 6: Applejack. Mind you, I still like her, but the other mane 6 are above her. :/
Music Types: Heavy Metal. I'm fine with just metal.
PMV: One Last Letter (old). Seriously, the PMV is just bobbing heads and scrolling text, plus an OC who looks a hell of a lot happier than he should. There was a remake for a reason.
Popular Anime: Attack on Titan
Video Game Series: Ōkami. The stupidest game I've ever played, and that's saying something. I can't believe they managed to make a sequel.
Gaming Device: XBox

How I Became a Brony:

I had a bet with my friend, who was (at the time) the biggest brony I've ever seen. If I won, he could never talk to me about MLP again. If he won, I'd have to watch five episodes. Naturally, he went to great lengths to make sure he won the bet. So I was stuck watching five episodes. Then I went home and watched all of the rest of them in less than a week.

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So, finally reached the end of ELO eh? In a sense I'm sadden its over, but at the same time I'm glad for it to be over, and in such a good note. Did you expect some of the stuff that happened as you proof-read it? Or even as Shadow told you about it? I didn't, specially the personality files bit. Its a happy ending, yet it doesn't feel like one at the same time. Strange way to word it, but that's what I got, I guess it has to do with the fact that all the suffering and loss actually happened, yet at the same time they didn't lose everything. And now a whole new world for those peoples were created, and for many more as well; I do have to wonder, what will this world hold for the future? It makes you want for this story to continue, but that is for Shadow to decide. I even liked how Cinn and you finally show some friendliness towards each other. I would talk about how awesome his fight against Sharky was, but I rather not increase his ego. Heh. Anyways, have a nice day. Peace!

P.S. I already asked this question to Shadow, but if you know about tf2, and even play it; which is your favourite class?

Comment posted by IncinerateChicken deleted Jun 10th, 2014

676403 It says right in my Bio, I am a sir. :twilightsmile:
It was very good.

I thank you, good sir, or madam on the favorite on my story, "I Love You Applejack"! May your days be filled with happiness! Stay awesome fellow brony and, as always...



609034 No problem. It's very well done. Still haven't read it all, but I'll get around to it soon. :twilightsmile:

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