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The Princess Rarity and I have come together once more to write y'all a story~ It's not on my account, or on hers, but on our joint account, The Autumn Princess! Follow this link to read our new story, "Tales From the Tailgate"

As for this account, maybe one day I'll finish the pony fics I've got in progress, and maybe one day I'll be able to upload stories to my own account. Maybe.

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About Me

The name's Lynn. I'm an 18 year old living in Alaska who writes pony fanfiction, which, as those of you who've been following me for a while, is something I don't do much because I'm pathetically lazy and very rarely keep myself motivated enough to actually write anything. Sometimes, I churn out something that's actually somewhat good.

Contact me here or here.

Currently working on several different stories that you're lucky if you see within the year.

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whoa re ya

hey you fucking nerd
guess who this is

299th follower!...aww i missed it by one mark.

1687985 Working on le top secret Octavia fanfiction

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