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((Continuation of Chronicles of Equestria I Reading is recommended but not required. Posting separately due to great magnitude of character and plot focus shift, along with sad tag requirement. Technically a different story in the same continuity.))

A curious teal unicorn who claims to have lived all of his life in distant, not particularly civilized lands, trying to find his way "back" to Equestria has finally returned and through offering his life work - a tome filled with self designed spells of great diversity - to the Princesses, he received quite a sum of bits with the intent to allow him to start a new life in Equestria. Surprisingly enough, he did not chose to pursue the study of Magic - his obvious talent, - instead, he chose to set up a Toy Shop, a home for gadgets and various items of curiosity, perhaps to live a life of absolute simplicity, or to leave something behind, perhaps even to find something.
But before he can do any of that, he will need a permanent assistant.

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Twilight Sparkle wishes to open a book club, to help her friends and neighbours appreciate the beauty of the written word. Unexpectedly, she meets a stallion of a very curious origin.

How can this strange new unicorn associate with Equestria?

(Time frame: Around a month after "The Secret of my Excess", in the fall.)


Twilight comes to regret how most of her friends and neighbors don't share her love for books and thinks to remedy this by creating a Book Club so she can share her love of Literature with them.

Coincidentally, while making preparations, she meets a stallion of very odd origins. This stallion poseses a book filled with countless spells he claims authorship of but something is very off...

"There is an order to everything in Equestria." But who ever this is seems to fall out of that order. What should Twilight do here? In fact what could she do here?

Chapters (9)
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