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I'll regret posting this · 11:13am May 28th, 2013

(Note, this is basically a copy pasta of something I posted on Deviantart just now. Thought just incase there is someone who doesn't see me there wants to look at it, why shouldn't they be able to?)

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Back in Action · 1:27am Jun 16th, 2012

Exams are almost all over, and Chapter 1 I complete. A bit of tuning up and it will be on the site, on this weekend. Chapter 2 is already started, so things should pick up their pace.

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Brace yourselves · 4:12pm May 25th, 2012

Summer is coming.

I'm terrible for writing that, it's a blatant lie. No, summer IS coming, but I never watched/read Game of Thrones, so that reference is a blank claim.

Nevertheless: Onto the point!

The Point:

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A question to everyone · 11:52pm Feb 6th, 2012

I'm just curious as to should I add any more character tags to "Chronicles of Equestria I". Twilight and OC tag are a give since Twilight is for the dominant number of chapter the protagonist and the only one of the non OC cast that goes through a change. But then again, I see fics barely mentioning characters and yet putting up character tags. I wonder if anyone who reads this could either please tell me if I should add any tags (if you've read it) or a better description of the tag

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