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Major Alexander Degtyarev's mission was a full success. The STALKER faction and what is left of the Military in Pripyat have joined forces months later after the Major's breakthrough in anomaly research and now control the entire region all the way to Yanov station. A mission to conquer the Zaton swamps ended in failure, it was said that a bandit leader going by the name 'Noah' ambushed the STALKER forces with a sizable army.

The events through which the Major has survived have transpired many secrets, and a new faction has taken interest in them.

The Zone is a harsh teacher, will it take pity upon the new faction, or the two new-comers that have graced its grounds? Not a chance, the Zone kills everything and everyone inside its perimeters, and those not strong enough wither away and die under a forceful boot.

The land is capable of snapping a man's psychology in half like a twig, what chance do two Princesses have?


Luna and Celestia vectors by http://rariedash.deviantart.com

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Since Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust have left the Wonderbolts Academy, followed by all the other recruits, Spitfire hasn't had a chance to interact with her fellow Wonderbolts; no soul barely knows she even exists anymore. Spitfire doesn't really mind because she's not even aware of how blind she is to the fact that she has no close friends whatsoever. Reason? Unknown.

But an evil spirit still draws breath, intent on taking back what's his by building a vast army of soldiers.
Beginning with a single mare.

Chapters (2)
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