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I'm just your average Mexican brony who loves the show and fandom (most of the time) in each way.

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A dark presence has latched itself onto Ponyville’s inhabitants. It can’t be seen, nor heard. Those who have been hit are oblivious to this supernatural phenomenon. Its consequences vary greatly from folk to folk, but none of them are good.

Scootaloo could be the only one who is aware of this. Her tiny hooves will affect the balance between salvation and a macabre fate for all of Ponyville.

A shout-out to: Soge for his tough proofreading.
The extraordinary cover art was made by C-D-I .

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Accidents are inevitable. They can happen to everyone. Some of them may be harmless, but others can be devastating. And when Rainbow Dash is torn apart by a disaster she feels responsible for, she struggles to find a way to deal with the consequences.

Inspired by this heartbreaking comic made by the deviantart user ~Capt-Nemo

New cover art made by CaffeineAndApples

(Click 'more' for credits.)

Special thanks to:
Volgrand, Nonagon, I HV NO FEAR, Ltn Vasquez (Proofreaders)

All of the Above, Cheshire, Avishadow, and last but not least, Schizoid Nightfall (Pre-readers)

These users have made it possible what this story is today and deserve as much credit as me! Thanks again everyone!

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