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It has been 6 years since Twilight disappeared when an experiment resulted in an explosion. Everypony has accepted that she must have died. However, the element of magic wouldn't be destroyed by her own element now would she?
Twilight has returned, but what's with the red suit, funny hat, and new found fear of the dark?
Everyone is overjoyed at her return, however she has a story to tell, a story that is both a warning of impending doom and plea for help.

Inspired by Halo: On the Wings of Angels, and Swooping Pegasus

In an attempt to be somewhat original (despite clearly using a well established archetype) I will used a alternate history setting rather then a crossover, and I'll try to have sub plots happening in the present rather then just the story.

Oh, and happy Canada Day!

Note: Alternate setting, season 4 finale didn't (entirely) happen

Teen for violence and references.

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Imagine a land that wasn't shades of grey.
A world where the sun shone brightly and the plants grew more vibrantly than ever.

Welcome to the Compact Archipelago, once it was a Zebra colony, now it's governed by a near ancient agreement, Zebra villagers feed the remnants of the Equestrian Royal Navy, and the Navy protects the villagers from pirates.

Seems simple right? Kill pirates get food, while looking for pirates, kick back and enjoy the surf, fresh air, the tropical fruit, and the sun...

Wrong! The entire "relaxing" thing is quickly killed by the fact their are mine fields, 20 foot swells, diseases, the fact that the pirates are every bit as well armed as you, and you know... THE OCEAN IS IRRADIATED!

Now some group of pegasus ass-hats decked out in black just show up, blow up one of our boats, and occupy an island. Fuck. That. It's war!
this is for the 500 member contest under "at the sea", but the other two sort of come in...

oh and that hasty phottoshop job that barley passes as cover art was made by me.

New cover art made by Desrium. He's a cool dude check him out.

based on/inspired by/a non canon side story to the epic fanfic by Kkat

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After the War!
JK it's not one of those fics...
Romance and comedy, a rom com... from luckytheseal... the horror...

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia have been engaged for a few months. However it becomes apparent that they know almost nothing about each-other, so they have a contest to see who can find out ten things about the other first.
Their quest for knowledge will take them through strip clubs, ghettos, and warzones, all in the name of love. (That was the cheesiest thing i have written ever)

Edited by: EricKilla
The cover pic will be relavent later I swear!

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~=~story cancelled for being some massively cringey early seal writing~=~

The United Colonies of Earth make first contact with ponies, and drag them into their war with the Anuniki.
This is more so a world building fic than one for 'extreme' character development (there will be character development, but not as much as the average story, i will try to make each character at least like able or interesting).
This is also the sort of spin-off to my other story Dark Calling (i say 'sort of' as the opposite is just as much true).
Editor Wanted.
Oh and if someone could make me some cover art it would be appreciated.

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