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Jinx is Piltover's Most Wanted. A dangerous, remorseless, destructive woman to whom "fun" coincides with "explosions" and "body count."

So, of course, she of all people is the one to find a portal to another world.

Equestria is a land of peace and harmony. Crime is practically nonexistent in the land of the ponies, and any major threats to the peace are dealt with by the Elements of Harmony.

So, of course, this is the world Jinx ends up in.

Will Equestria survive a woman whose favorite pastime involves fire and death?
Will Jinx survive a world where the greatest weapon is Friendship?

Only time will tell.

Author's Note:

I'm flying by the seat of my pants with this one. Wish me luck.

Feedback of all kinds is greatly appreciated. :twilightsmile:

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Cover art is the Jinx splash art, property of Riot Games.

On Hiatus for a total re-write.

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Deep in the shadows of Equestrian society lurks a threat, unknown and unseen by even the most attentive of ponies. An organization, using Equestria's own flourishing medical knowledge to bring ponykind to its knees. Though they lurk in the shadows, the time approaches for them to strike...

Doctor Direct Styles has just completed his Residency at Ponyville Medical. An amateur surgeon at best, he quickly becomes Equestria's only hope against a pony-made disease. He will have to rise to the challenge of curing a seemingly unstoppable pathogen, or ponykind will be doomed.

Based on the video game Trauma Center: Second Opinion by Atlus.
No prior knowledge of the game is necessary to read and understand this story.

Author's Note: Pretty much everything I "know" about surgery, I learned from the Trauma Center games. Please excuse any and all inaccuracies, but feel free to leave a comment correcting them. :twilightsmile:

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Proofread by the Sharp and Illustrious Legofan!

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This is a collection of random and mostly unrelated League of Legends one-shot crossovers.

Just some stuff to practice writing with.
My writing should get better with time, so please don't write it off after the first chapter. :twilightsmile:

Tags will be added as needed, rated T for mild violence.

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