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Blank Slate is just a boring pony. He works a nine-to-five in the office of a marketing company. The only thing off about him is his lack of a Cutie Mark, and that's where his world falls apart for him. He has no purpose, they say. He has no will, they say. He has no drive, no ego, no value, they say.

He intends to fix that.

Hello, this is my first story here. It took me a while to even come up with an idea, so I hope it goes over well. If anybody has any better cover art or would like to make some, I'll give acknowledgements.

If there's anything wrong with the story, please tell me. This includes things like grammar, syntax, and spelling.

If you like the story, please thumb up, it's my motivation for writing. If you did not like the story, then I'm sorry I can't be perfect and please you, but to make this better please tell me what is wrong with the story.

Rated Teen for things that may happen later, but predominantly language. I'm really making this up as I go.

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