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Sequel to Doobie and Magic Matt's epic stoner adventure in Ponyville.

Nonsensical retarded result of a skype call, a google doc and two friends with an extremely retarded sense of humor.

In this great new installment of two idiots, a skype call and google docs Magic Matt, Doobie and their dragon Spike have found themselves washing carriages in Trottingham but it doesn't last long. Soon they are out of a job and trying to avoid the cops so it's off to Canterlot! What could possibly go wrong?

It is highly recommended you read Doobie and Magic Matt's epic stoner adventure in Ponyville first before reading this or most things will not make sense.

Rated teen for some violence and naughty language.

Canon Characters will be added as they appear.

Chapters (10)

Two best friends Wesley and Matt find a magical lamp with a genie inside and wish to be transported to equestria. But not everything goes swimmingly, at least for six particular ponies.

"Joint" effort from me and Magical Matt

Teen rating for drug use, profanity and violence.

Please note that this story was made by two idiots in a Skype call, who shoved their hilarious ramblings onto a Google doc and made this story.

Chapters (12)