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Presents · 8:41pm Oct 5th, 2019

Happy hatchday for me means presents for you. (Is that how it works?)
I've got more alicorns for you. This time it's an open ended series of stories from before Twilight moves to ponyville. Right now I have 5 chapters and a short arc, ranging in completion from posted to early stages of planning.
I have no idea how long it will be or how often it will get new chapters. The entire series has always been "I have a neat idea."

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More Alicorns · 7:47pm Feb 23rd, 2019

So another story about an immortal alicorn is up. Fatal Sunburn. This time Princess Celestia marches (flies) to battle.
I finally marked the others as comedy to emphasize that this one is really not made to be funny.
I've decided to call the world all of this is happening in 'Of Immortals' and I have ideas for more stories there.

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I leave a lump of gore in your stocking... · 3:30pm Dec 20th, 2016

...for all the bloody fillies and colts.

If you are reading this then it's probably because you somehow enjoyed my mess of a story 'Of Alicorn Foals'. (if not then warning: excessive gore)
If so then, good news everypony, there is now a small continuation and I am (very slowly) working on an actual sequel.
No clue when it will be finished but I have a basic Idea what I want to happen and a few chunks written up.

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