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Slaves to Celestia - Update 5 · 6:54am Mar 7th, 2013

Might as well post this right away, because fuck it.

First off, I am really really sorry for neglecting the project for... oh man.
Chapter 6 started off so well, I got most of it written shortly after chapter 5 was published and I thought "Hey, I might get this done within a week or two from Chapter 5!", but then I completely lost interest in STC altogether and went on to prioritize other projects and things.

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Slaves to Celestia - Update 4 · 9:00pm Dec 25th, 2012

Motherfucker, tabbed out of the blog when I was just finished writing it.
But anyways, it was short, so I'll just wrap it up.

Merry christmas and happy new year to everyone.

I've been busy as of lately, christmas and school ate away much of the month and Dwarf Fortress and other sideprojects stole what little time I had to spare.

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Slaves to Celestia - Update 3 · 1:45am Dec 6th, 2012

Entry 3, way sooner than I had hoped for.

Basically, I managed to put together CH5 significantly quicker than I had predicted.

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Slaves to Celestia - Update 2 · 8:01am Nov 27th, 2012

But o short news, again.
These things suck, they really do.

Chapter 4, is as you can tell out now.
Did significant progress on it during the weekend and ended up merging part of the Chapter 5 opening with it to fill it out some more (thought it was redundant to have an unnecessarily long traveling subchapter when the chapter is long enough as it is), so CH4 ended up being just about as long as any normal STC chapter so far.

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Slaves to Celestia - Update 1 · 11:38pm Nov 23rd, 2012

Hey folks, figured I'd start writing a type of blog to give you the occasional progress update on the story.
I have been posting what few updates I've had so far in the comments section and well, I don't really want to end up spamming it on my own (because it is kinda sad to have half the comments of the largely unknown epic I am writing being just mine) and I sometimes have things to share regarding it to let people know that I am not dead and that progress is still being made.

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