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I joined the fandom a long while ago, but was more of a lurker than a writer for much of that time. A CompSci student by occupation, writing for me is, for now, an avocation, but one that I follow in my free time obsessively. I mainly write fanfics and rambling blog posts, and I sometimes review and edit for my friends. I'm the co-founder and admin for the Writeoff Association, and one of the founding members of The Royal Guard. I also happen to be clinically, irrevocably, shamelessly Russian.

I am Writer Number 25, but you may call me just Twenty-Five. Welcome to my page.

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Author Interviewer

Is it soon yet? :V

Thank you so much for favoriting my story! :twilightsmile:


Because right now, I'm neck-deep in the process of making my future fics the best they could possibly be. Don't worry, I will start writing soon, and I don't plan to disappoint!

Author Interviewer


Hey you!

Why you don't got no stories, sir? :(

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