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GotH update · 2:32pm Aug 6th, 2013

Boy I haven't done one of these in awhile, anyway I'm here to announce that Guardian of the Hearthfire is going to be taken down. I've decided instead to take the premise of the story and make it into an original work. After giving it some thought and after getting a very sobering review/analysis of my story. I've come to the conclusion that what I've currently written isn't really a fanifction at all, but instead an adventure story that I ponified. To those who have worked on the story with

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Youtube Reading · 4:06pm Jun 13th, 2013

Hello everyone I probably should have done this awhile ago but, I've started up a fanfiction reading of Music Brush's story Heart of Fire You'll be in my Heart Here's the link to the first part of the reading I'm currently up to chapter two. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH0P5BzvjW8

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Fimfiction readings · 12:33pm May 19th, 2013

Hello everyone haven't done a blog in awhile, anyway I'm going to cut to the chase I'm looking for story's to do readings of on my youtube page. Though there are a few no no's, no clop or other mature content, looking for stories that are good but haven't gotten a lot of views, you can also put your stories up. If you want to see what I've currently done go and check out my Youtube page

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Guardian of the Hearthfire Story Update · 4:36pm Apr 3rd, 2013

Okay so a while back I said Guardians was going on a break. It still is but I figured I should give you and update on how the re-write is going.

My plan is to add three new chapters that come before my current ch 1, these will establish more background for the characters and what is happening in the world. Here is a list of the re-write progress

Ch 1: Written and currently being edited

Ch 2: Being written

Ch 3: not started

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A New PMV 4 (this one is special) · 1:15pm Mar 24th, 2013

Well I did it again here's my latest PMV When I Find My Wings by MandoPony. This is also a Birthday present for someone I watch named FlanChan she's a very talented young writer and she just turned 13. So after watching and commenting on the video head over to her page and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Here's a link to FlanChan'sPage.

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New PMV 3 · 7:44pm Mar 19th, 2013

Hello again, I bring you another video I did and for all you Trixie fans out there your going to like it.

It's Dark Prelude by jastrian feat: the lovely talent of Faux Synder

So go check it out and leave me a comment I love hearing from you guys and girls.


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Guardian is going on a short break · 6:51pm Mar 14th, 2013

Okay it's become blatenly obvious that Guardian could be so much more than it currently is. So as of right now it's going on a bit of a break, but don't fear this only means that I won't be coming out with new chapter's, I'm going to rework the previous 3 chapters working on characters, adding scenes, fixing grammar, the works. When it emerges I hope it will be far better.

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New PMV 2 · 3:04pm Mar 11th, 2013

This one is Listen to the rain by Evanescence.


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New PMV · 1:47am Mar 10th, 2013

Well like the Title says my latest PMV is up It's Home by Jeff Burgess featuring the talented singing of EileMonty and MEMEJ0123

Here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-jXk1eJsVU

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Spring Break · 9:53pm Mar 8th, 2013

Alright Spring break is here, and I plan to get a lot done. Hoping to get Ch 1 of Everfree Abbey out as well as Ch 4 of Guardian of the Hearthfire. (these are possibilities, not for curtains). I also hope to have my Authors Helping Authors One shot out by the end of spring break.

Next thing will be two new PMV's on my Youtube channel, One is going to be Home by jeff burgess and the other will be an Evanescence song.

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