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The date? Unknown, we lost track.
Rulers? Princess Celestia and Luna were assimilated and killed months ago. King Discord sacrificed himself for Fluttershy. Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor fell with the Crystal Empire. We have nobody.
Elements of Harmony? All of us are dead. Except for me.

My name is Twilight Sparkle.
Sunset and I are the only ones left in Canterlot now.
A survivor came by once. We didn't know whether to consider him lucky or not.
He looked at Sunset with pure fear in his eyes.
By morning, he was dead. His throat had been slit.

Something's not right.

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On the night of Apple Bloom's wedding, Babs Seed returns to Ponyville for what will likely be the last visit for some months before she begins to run Orange Enterprises.

At said wedding, she meets Diamond Tiara once more.

Looks are exchanged, words are said and two hearts are broken.

Because in the end, nothing can really last forever.

All ponies are aged up.

Apple Bloom - 25
Babs Seed - 26
Diamond Tiara - 25
Scootaloo - 25
Sweetie Belle - 25
Spike - 27

Pairings: SpikeBloom, ScootaBelle, mentioned ChocoRumble, mentioned TigerPeanut and heavily implied BabsTiara.

Choconator and Peanut belong to me.
Tiger belongs to DI-LastShadow. <3 Love you babe.

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First story in the Findingverse.

Ever since Rainbow Dash adopted Scootaloo, she's been trying her very best to be the best big sister she can possibly be. And so far, she's been doing a damn good job at it too. And tonight, her, Applejack, Rarity and their younger sisters are going to have a big sleepover! Life couldn't get any better.

But then Sweetie Belle wakes up screaming, and by the time Rainbow gets there Scootaloo is already gone. Taken into the night by a mysterious attacker. And the only evidence left behind is Sweetie Belle's claims of somepony with a rainbow mane...

With the town against her, Rainbow Dash goes is forced into hiding, lest she be left to the angry town's mercy. With only one friend able to help her, she turns to Twilight Sparkle to help her not only clear her name, but to find her little sister.

Now Twilight finds herself setting out into the dark, searching for the missing Scootaloo with only the descriptions of a distraught filly to guide her. And as she sets out into the cold, unforgiving world of crime, what will she find? She wants to prove her friend's innocence and save a missing filly, scratch that, she needs to. But with everypony against them, danger lurks around every corner and she has no idea if what is being presented to her is even correct.

Caught in the threads of a web of lies, Twilight Sparkle needs to learn what is right and what is wrong. But how can she learn when the lies are so close to home?

...And what if Rainbow Dash isn't innocent? What if she's... Guilty as charged?

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"You are hereby invited to the wedding of her majesty, Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria."

Everypony has that significant other, even if they haven't met yet. But the bonds of destiny tie them together in the end. For Princess Twilight Sparkle, she has finally found the pony she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

But what happens when that pony is a former villain? When he's a tyrant, who enslaved an entire kingdom to do his bidding? Somepony who nopony wants to trust or accept, not even those with hearts of rock? When all of Equestria is against the reunion of two ponies, what will they do?

Together, King Sombra and Princess Twilight Sparkle with show them just how strong the ties of love can be.

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Written for the RD Random Shipping Game. I got 20, so that's Princess Celestia/Princess Luna. I picked Luna.

Princess Luna invites Rainbow Dash to go stargazing with her, in order to get to know the Element of Loyalty better. But underneath the starry sky, anything can happen.

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When a freak storm injures Rainbow Dash, the only pony there to help her is Twilight. And Twilight'll show that she isn't as weak as ponies make her out to be, and that her magical power can do what nopony else thought possible.

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One night, Choconator sang two colts a lullaby. She forgot the world around them, and made sure they went to sleep thinking that they were safe.

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Doctor Whooves always promised he'd meet her at the end of the world.

Doctor Whooves never breaks a promise.

(I did this out of boredom, don't expect anything super awesome.)

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When Silver Spoon catches Diamond Tiara physically harm Scootaloo, her "best friend" casts her aside in a desperate attempt to hide what she did. Now alone, Silver Spoon regrets everything she's ever done and tries to make amends, but nopony will listen. But three fillies forgive her, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and a new friendship is formed between them. While helping a shaken Scootaloo, she starts to look at the orange pegasus "that way."

Then everything got complicated.

(Cover picture drawn by me, do not steal.)

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