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Yinglong Fujun

I also draw. Maybe I draw too much and write too little.

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In the great wilderness of the North-east, there is a hill named Mound (sic) Xiong-li [Fierce-plow]. Yinglong1 lives at its south end; since he took the lives of Chiyou and Kuafu2, he can no longer return to the sky. The Earth became plagued with frequent droughts.3 When in a drought, people would dress up as Yinglong, and they would then receive a heavy rainfall. When the eyes of Yinglong open, the sun rises; when the eyes of Yinglong close, the sun sets.

-The Classic of the Great Wilderness: The East, Classic of Mountains and Seas

1 Responding Dragon or Winged Dragon.
2 Yinglong helped Yellow Emperor to slay Chiyou the war god and Kuafu the drought giant since they rebelled against the Yellow Emperor. But taking the lives of celestial beings prevents Yinglong from ascending to heaven ever again.
3 Yinglong is a deity responsible for rainmaking.


I drew Frigg from Evenfall · 3:43pm March 18th

I mean, I still want to keep it going, but my creative juice seems to only flow when I am drawing, not writing :pinkiecrazy:

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Update springtime for a drake please or I will hack your Xbox live account

please update Springtime for a Drake and Dance of the Fae

2417306 I'm not a bean! I'm a grain!

2417286 Well, echum to you too then, old bean.

2417224 Just going 'echum', Herr Meleu.

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