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I used to go exclusively on fanfiction.net which is why there's pretty much nothing here right now. However, getting new readers would be nice which is why I've expanded to here.

My fanfiction.net profile is: Riclo | FanFiction

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I had made these a few days before, except for the first one. Made that a few months ago. As for the second one. I guess they didn't understand "It would be wise not to take this fic seriously."

You attempted to write two fan fics within a day and a half? That's most likely were you went wrong.
Take time, go through it a couple of times, make it different. The same old cliche 'Twilight's magic fucks up and humans be up in here' isnt going to work anymore.
As for your second, well, you said it yourself... its a trollfic, so I guess you were expecting that.

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