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A nameless bounty hunter is sent by Tenpony Tower to find a certain pony called Careless Garden in the Raider-infested ruins of Plate River.

(Experimental story, might not get updated in a long time)

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When the megaspells fell, everything died, but New Pegasus endured. The city of mobsters, crime, vice and gambling survived and thrived during the long balefire winter. Twenty years after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, New Pegasus is still a beacon in the middle of the Neighvada Desert, a pot of gold for whoever can get his hooves on it.

My name is Farsight, and I know everything about the dark secrets that the neon billboards don't show... I've seen the best and the worst; and I've pulled many strings. In my world, there are no heroes or villains, just ponies with ambitions and goals that can be bent to one's interest; for I know an undeniable truth: Everypony has a plan. Allow me to show you how I worked my way out of the gutter, how I climbed to the top of the ladder... and how I fell.

PDF version also available for download: Viva Las Pegasus PDF

Note: Thanks to Doomande, Dinawartotem and Fillyosopher for their help! To all readers, comments are welcome! I'll try to reply to them as much as possible. Thanks!

Cover Art by the magnificent CalamityB31

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