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Forlorn Hope was a drifter for years. Eventually he settled down in Ponyville as an unassuming handyman. Now working to save up enough money to open a hardware store, Hope’s quiet life comes to a grinding halt when he turns himself into the authorities in a show of goodwill after the invasion of Canterlot.

With nothing to lose he writes a letter. To the only pony who might care to listen. And the only pony for whose opinion he cares.

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Equestria didn't know what to expect. The Griffin nation had grown tired of politics. They wanted land and they wanted it yesterday. The Diamond Dogs were tired of being cut off from the prosperous wealth Equestria had to provide. Even a few ambitious dragons felt they wanted in on the action. With enemies on all sides and the arrival of war becoming inevitable, Princess Celestia decided she needed to use the elements of harmony to summon a hero.
They got me, and boy are they in for it.

Note: This is my first story ever. So I would really appreciate constructive criticism on both story and grammar.

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