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Hunting for gems is hard work, especially in the heat of midday sun. Needing to cool off, Rarity seeks the shade, unknowing of what waits for her.

Chapters (2)

Ever since she arrived in Canterlot to enact her reign as a princess, Twilight has felt a strange feeling.

The feeling of being watched, it follows her around day after day, driving her crazy. Is the new princess truly sensing a stalker or is her mind playing tricks on her again?

Chapters (1)

With each passing day the cries grow louder, her laughs tainted more and more with mocking, the destruction spreading.

The memories of Luna's rebellion as Nightmare Moon still hang around her neck, dragging her down. Twilight knows the princess's troubles, and she wants to relieve the burden. The nights are dark however, and Luna's dreams darker.

Can Twilight really stitch Luna back together, or are some wounds too deep to heal?

Chapters (3)

The world was left without magic after the Discordian wars. Twilight, a budding new student of Princess Celestia, manages to form a spark, the first magic in two thousand years. With Celestia's training they hope to bring magic back to every unicorn in Equestria.

Chapters (10)
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