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Well crap · 12:45pm Jun 7th, 2012

Well crap alright! lets see some shitty things that are happening!

1.Skulltag is now a dead port!

Yes, it's being replaced by "zandorium"

Currently there re doing most of skulltag (hopefully catching up on revisions!) and removing anything that had "controversial issues" (ownership of sprites and hubaba)

2.My laptops in repair!

It happened to have my word documents in em! (may have to start from scratch)

3.Someone beat me to it!

Have the link:

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So, it leaked · 4:01pm Mar 19th, 2012

Yes I accidentally spilled the secret of my DOOM crossover Fic in a comment in duke nukem in Equestria.......

I plan this to be a somewhat long one so It won't be ready for a while.

But in the mean time, have my home made cover art!

Leave your criticisms and comments below

Credits to:

equestria prevails for the griffon

Stinkehund for the background

EDIT: found the artist
DarkAndw for doomguy

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