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Babs Seed has officially started her own branch of the Cute Mark Crusaders in Manehattan. Will it take off, and who will join?

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This is the journal of the mad Lord Sombra, in his final weeks of plotting against the Crystal Empire's ruling family. He details his plot in this shadow-bound tome, from the study of forbidden magic to the new era of the Empire. Read it if you dare.

This is a one-shot fanfiction.

The cover is by Jitterbugjive on Tumblr. You can find him here.

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I will post a collection of my stories for prompts on 30 Minute Ponies, a Tumblr challenge-fic blog. Expect pink pone, typos, and cheesecake.

Now has a mini-series going, consisting of chapters 7, 10, 11, and 15. Two more chapters remain to this story.

Table of Contents:
1. Doctor Pie (Prompt: Doctor Pinkamena Diane Pie!)
2. Luna and Myst (Prompt: Luna visits an old friend.)
3. "Agent G" (Prompt: Gummy's big adventure!)
4. Onna (Prompt: Tell about a mythical creature in Equestria, that's not in the show.)
5. Summer Sun Service (Prompt: Ponies attend a religious service.)
6. Warnings on the Trees (Prompt: It came from the Everfree.)
7. The Last Party (Prompt: Grin and bear it!)
8. Spells of the Ancient Unicorns (Prompt: The Black Book.)
9. Foalsitting Scoots (Prompt: Rainbow Dash the foalsitter.)
10. The Speed of Light (Prompt: The first.)
11. Kindness never Dies (Prompt: A member of the Mane Six is dying.)
12. Lessons in Adventuring (Prompt: Daring Do's Daring Don'ts!)
13. The Last Brony on Earth (Prompt: 200 years in the future...)
14. Dragon's Hunt (Prompt: Pinkie is the villain!)
15. Slow Cure (Prompt: Spike running errands.)
16. Shadows of Betrayal (Prompt: The Elements of Harmony betrayed by one of their own.)
17. Literary Genius (Prompt: Write a song from the episode, except without the song.)
18. The Black Goat (Prompt: Playing the fool.)
19. Forever Loyal (Prompt: Twilight is missing, and only one pony can remember her.)
20. Dust in Cartiff (Prompt: A pony joins a secret organization.)

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