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Deviantart/ New Fim Fiction username! · 11:47am Oct 23rd, 2012

Hello to all of my watchers! As you may have noticed i have changed my user to my oc which represents my artwork and fan art. I will still write fan fiction but will be sticking to short stories as my skills in writing fan fiction are not at its peak. As i state in my bio, not everyone can be good at everything. I would love it if you all cheaked out my deviant art page! I am also open for requests for oc art/ fiction covers/ watever art pieces. Dont be afraid to ask just send me an email or

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142556 Don't worry ^_^ im just changing it up a bit and improving it

What happened to your story!?! IT WAS SO GOOD PUT IT BACK UP

Welcome to Fimfiction and have your first watch. :pinkiehappy:

<<< My non-default profile pic! Its Fang Dark-wing a character from my first Fan Fic A Drop Of Blood. Fluttershys also in the picture but I cut it out because it will be in the cover of A Drop Of Blood.

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