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Watched the Finale · 2:30pm Oct 15th, 2019

Couldn't feel my legs for 10 minutes. :P

Didn't know being brought to one's knees was a real thing.

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Reposting Poorly-rated Stories · 10:12pm Sep 1st, 2017

I don't really like to think that I have very unpopular stories in my gallery, but publishing then removing them is probably not fair. I got a few comments on doing this last time. As a result, I'm reposting them. If you're voting them down and happen to be reading this, please let me know why in a comment or message. I know I'm not perfect as a writer and it would be good to know where I'm going wrong.

EDIT: I wonder if posting niche things into groups will help? We'll see. :P

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Hiatus and Upcoming · 5:23am Aug 27th, 2017

Hi everyone still around,
I'm putting Royal Duties on hiatus and seeing how far I can get on some of my other story ideas. Royal Duties was one of my first ponyfic ideas, and due to my desire to do things in order, I wanted to finish it before working on my others. However, currently, I'm sort of freaking out and just trying to post as much as I can before my faith in the power of literature disappears.
Let me know anything you wish to,

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The True Death of the Fandom · 10:29am Dec 24th, 2016

The My Little Pony Fandom is, at once, one of the most morbid and least moribund fandoms I know. It's one of the only fandoms I consider myself a part of, in no small part because the vast quantities of content created all but guarantees a reasonable amount of very high quality content. I'm sure I could easily fill an entire page in Word (well, LibreOffice Writer, really) with hyperlinks to pieces of art from the MLP fandom I really enjoy, not even counting pictures or music, for which I could

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Finally, Update! · 8:08am Jul 30th, 2016

:fluttershyouch: Discord is hard to write.

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Large Update and Apology for a Gradual Breach of Trust · 8:32am Feb 27th, 2016

Hello, everyone. I was planning on having a large update where I posted a lot of stuff on the 29th, but that plan was undone by my misunderstanding the distinctions between 'publish', 'edit', and 'save'. I've been holding back on posting anything for a while due to my not really writing for a bit, and then feeling like I should have a greater reward to give you for your patience than I did. I guess that's kind of silly, but I also realized that making a promise to post things and then not

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A Worthy Title! (as opposed to [no title], I think you'd have to agree) · 8:27am Jul 24th, 2015

Hmm... Not dead yet.
I had pretensions of finishing Royal Duties before I posted again, but it looks like that's not going to happen. In any case, expect it to update with a couple of chapters soon. I may also be posting some shorter fics for you, depending on settings.

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I'm back, and I have a new trick.... · 6:52am Oct 7th, 2014

Magical Biase is ten times as slick...

So yep, I'm back, and I'll be updating Royal Duties... let's say weekly until it's complete. I'm also working on some other stories which I might post here, so... stay tuned? If that's alright with you?

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