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A new year · 5:24am Jan 1st, 2015

Every year, once I was allowed to, New Years day meant that I got to stay up late, eat a bunch of great food, and watch with friends and family as the ball drops. I never made any New Years resolutions (or ones that were serious anyway.) I played along like a little kid did, but obviously I never kept up with my "resolutions."

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1000!!!! · 12:57am Aug 21st, 2014

Well, I can't believe it, but I hit 1000 favs on Homecoming. I don't even know how to react at this point.

Here, enjoy some of the gifs that loosely express my excitement:

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C&D for Jan · 5:09pm Mar 25th, 2014

Now I understand why they did it. As owners of certain properties, it is Hasbro's right and duty to file charges against anyone who infringes on their creations, but Jesus Christ Hasbro, you just killed off yet another creative group. Say goodbye to Jananimations everypony, as of a few hours ago all of their content has been taken down.

As if Fighting Is Magic wasn't enough...


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New group · 1:25am Sep 1st, 2013

Tonight I officially launched my group The Moon and Her Pixals. I had finally resolved an issue I had previously and now the group is live and can be found Here

The group is dedicated to gaming and bringing gamers together for different events. Members will be able to start threads and gather people together for different game sessions for PC,Wii, Playstation, and X-box. More info within, and I hope to see you all soon

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Watts maybe? · 3:49pm Jun 21st, 2013

I'm looking for a way to measure magic for Homecoming. Similarly to how we measure electricity in the real world. Any Suggestions?

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MLP:Fall? · 11:39pm May 22nd, 2013

So I recently heard about My Little Pony: Fall Via memebase, and looked into the tiny amount of info on it. What the actual **** is MLPF? I know that it is an r-rated MLP movie, which I have no problem with. (Anyone who reads my stories agrees that I enjoy a darker side to MLP) But what is this? People are posting reviews and I have only seen two pieces of info on, both from Amazon.

What is this?

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The little things. · 7:37pm Apr 26th, 2013

As a brony, I have mentioned it to people. I brought up the show and have never denied that I watch it. I walked into class today and my teacher, seeing my derpy mail satchel which I use as a backpack, asked me why I had a My Little Pony bag. Smiling I quickly told her that I am a brony. Seeing she didn't know what this was I explained what I was and that I wasn't the only one. I launched quickly into a explanation of the show, how I got started, and talked about the community. Class started a

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Read me · 11:55am Mar 28th, 2013

Anyone who reads Homecoming knows that the main shipping is Twitavi, but I have never read a Twitavi despite how much I love the shipping pair. Does anypony know any good Twiavi's to read.

If so you will be rewarded with mustaches.

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Calendar · 12:48am Mar 3rd, 2013

For a future chapter of Homecoming I need to use the months, but I don't want to use January, February, etc... Would anyone happen to know of an Equestrian calender, or if they have an idea for a month please leave it in the comments below.

NOTE: Please leave any suggestions in the form of January: Blank, so I know what to assign it to. If you have no specific assignment of month to month I will put them in the best order I can.

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Not bad. Can't wait for more · 8:41pm Feb 16th, 2013

finally saw the finale episode for season 3 (A little later, by 4 hours than everypony else) and was perfectly content with it. While I was concerned at first, I'm interested to see what will come is S4. I do wonder who the buck are these bronies who left the show because of Twilight alicorn change. It's not that bad, we trusted the writers, and they didn't let us down. (Except for shutting down the Mane 6 project. Assholes.)

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