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Spike decides to write a letter to Celestia, informing her that he's awoken from his one hundred year slumber.

(Source of vector: Dark-Samus1)

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Twilight, now with the ability to hop into other ponies' dreams, decides this is a good chance for her to do some research, and has fun along the way. A little too much fun.

(Art by AssasinMonkey)

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It's been 100 years since her friends have passed. Deprived of her royalty, her magic, and her will to keep moving.

Deluded into believing that she could bring her friends back, she is tricked into giving up all of her magic, it being sealed in a scroll. Now she roams Equestria, the evil spell leaving her wingless but still immortal, regaining magic and power through ancient scripts. Searching for the one who took the little she had left away from her.

Hlight foresetten pliht

(Art by NCMares)

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