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That akward moment when... · 9:59am Dec 18th, 2012

...you realize you've spent over a year writing stories about pastel colored ponies from a cartoon meant for Anglophone North American girls.

Anyway, off school for a while. New chapter sometimes next week, hopefully I can get the first story done at some point next year.

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A quick note on genres · 2:44am Oct 15th, 2012

So here's a bit of trivia for Troubled New Home that people who aren't tuned into the SpaceBattles thread might like to know. The Mane 7 experience life as a combination of different literary genres. These are a part of the changes that I have made in

Twilight Sparkle (Twilight Snarkle): Planetary romance
Rainbow Dash (Zap Apple) & Rarity (Lt. Belle): Pulp adventure ala Indiana Jones
Pinkie Pie (Pinkamina Dianne): Religiously influenced fantasy

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A Minor Note · 6:44am Aug 31st, 2012

Today will the last day of the first week of my final year as an undergrad, barring really bad things happening to me.

For the major of you who don't know, I am a physics major. My classes this year are Differential Equations, Modern Physics I (overview of 20th century physics), Statistical Mechanics (think of heat and stuff) and Fluid Dynamics. I will also be a teacher's assistant.

I am very excited. But I may also be very busy. Expect that, somewhat.

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Here's the deal · 9:32am Jun 17th, 2012

Okay everyone, here's the deal:

A while ago I realized that I've basically abandoned the Trouble with Time Travel, and have pursued various other boondoggles for fun and pageviews. Now, I want to tell the same basic story, and have some of the same themes, but I've realized that if I'm going to start writing the original story again I would basically have to completely reboot it. There are several compelling reasons why:

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The Color of Their Mana · 10:04pm May 14th, 2012

Well, this gets rid of the Fluttercry. From my own comment section for Twilight Sparkle, Planeswalker:

[Semi-canon commentary on own story. Not set in stone.]
On talks of mana alignments:

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