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Where did he go?

Hey i found your stories through seeing the cover art on deviantart and decided to check them out. The first thing i spotted was that you made announcements about the story and put them in the chapter list. This a big no no especially because this site is programmed awsomely and if a person has a story in their bookshelf and the author tags it in a blog it will pop up in that person's feed.


Hello again..

My prologue has been released, but i am an idiot and forgot to have my proof-readers spell check it..

I'm working in collaboration with my Team to get it all sorted out! and i will tell you when the correct version is released..

If you wish to join my little team, PM me your email, and i shall add you to my G-Doc list, then drop you a link..

The idea of the team is best explained via a PM..



My prologue has been submitted! :raritywink:

I now must wait for it to pass moderation or something.. :trixieshiftright:

Yay! :yay:


So sorry I didn't reply to you Earlier.

You have no idea how good it makes me feel to hear when people say they are enjoying my story and excited for chapters, there is no feel nearly as good as it.

As for your story, I'll keep an eye out for it and I will defiantly give it a read when I get the time.

Good luck out there!


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