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Ever since Twilight and her friends took up the Elements of Harmony Celesita has been required to meet with her superiors about her progress. Some meetings go well, some... don't.

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Twilight asks Pinkie how she does all the stuff she does and Pinkie tries to explain it by explaining the nature of their world.

Inspired partially by the idea of CHIM from the Elder Scrolls games, one of the more meta things that doesn't crop up much in the games but very interesting.

And credits for the title image:
Sugar Cube Corner Kitchen vector by tdreyer1
Pinkie Pie Worried vector by Xigger
Pinkie... What? vector by thehellbean

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Applebloom and Sweetie Belle have had enough of Scootaloo hiding things and have decided to take matters into their own hooves. Join two thirds of the crusaders as they follow Scootaloo in an attempt to figure out where she lives and what her family is like, all while making wild, and ultimately wrong, guesses about their Pegasus friend.

Other characters tag used to hide things and build suspense. Or not.

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Retiring isn't always easy. Especially when your job title is Evil Overlord. Most of the time retirement from that particular position comes on the sharp end of an opportunistic hero's sword. But Damien didn't survive the past six centuries by playing by the rules. His retirement plans involve running. Running from his country, his continent, and his very universe to escape Fate's long reach. And what better place to run to in an attempt to live peacefully than the utopian land of Equestria?

Currently being edited by the ever amazing Frederick the Saiyan.

Since I've had a number of comments on this I figure I should clear it up here. This is not a crossover witht he overlord game series. Note the lack of a crossover tag.

<subtle hint>I am open to submissions for a better title image</subtle hint>

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