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MY FIRST OFFICIAL STORY!!! · 5:17pm Nov 6th, 2012

I just submitted my first official story and i'm very proud of it. if it passes the submission stage and gets uploaded i would love some constructive feed back on it.

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The Recent Rise in Clop involving Pedophilia, Rape and other less desirable things. · 9:56pm Jul 10th, 2012

If this is what this site is becoming I don't want a part in it. Some of these rapes are really graphic and while I enjoy to read really graphic consented sex material (rape material also if its not TOO bad) I find most of the rapes are unacceptable. I think the mods should crack down on some of these and actually say ,"this is unacceptable and we don't want it on our site." almost everyone likes a good rape-fic occasionally but these are to much on the sadism and realism.

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I HATE POP-UPS!!! · 9:23pm Jun 26th, 2012

So im watching pony/horses and women doing it (dont judge me) and my friend walks into my room and is all like 'dude what u up to' i say 'nothing' and go bac to my youtube window so he doesnt see then the worst possible thing happens i have a stupid moment click the exit button on youtube and he sits next to me mouth agape staring at a horse and woman having intercourse (again dont judge)

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MyFanfics · 11:56pm Jan 3rd, 2012

Dont expect that many fanfics from me im more of a reader

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