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Thirty Minute Ponies! · 11:52pm Jun 4th, 2012

If you're following me, there's a good chance that you enjoy my writing. (Why you do, I'm still trying to understand.) There's also a fair chance that you find the wait for a bit more of my writing to be a tad long. I'd pin it as a near-certainty that you also enjoy the writing of some of FiMfiction's other fine authors, and a remote possibility that you might want to try your own hand at writing a quick little story or two.

If any of those apply, then have I got a solution for you!

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WE MOVE ON! · 12:51am Apr 27th, 2012

Good news, everypony! [strike]I've invented a spell which makes you read this in your head, in my voice![/strike] After careful consideration of arguments on both sides, I have decided that I will continue forward with A Different Kind of Magic, and save any major editing for after the story is complete. This does effectively mean that you're all reading a draft of sorts, and I hope that's okay.

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To Go Forward, or To Take a Step Back · 1:06am Apr 26th, 2012

So I submitted A Different Kind of Magic to Equestria Daily... and they rejected it! Those fools! How can they not recognize my genius!?

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And we start off this blog with... a personality test. Ho hum. · 3:01am Feb 10th, 2012

Well, then, that likely explains why Twinkie is my favourite ship.

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