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next story update · 8:55am Sep 4th, 2013

Hey folks, i'm sure that those of you who read the Author's Notes are aware of this already, but just a general heads up, the next update is behind schedule. things came up in my life in "reality" and has taken up more of my attention than i thought. so the bad news, it'll probably be another couple weeks before the next update, hopefully less. the good news though, is that there will be more than one chapter uploaded this next time around, so you'll get more bank for your buck in that regard.

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reworking Chapter 26 · 5:45pm Jul 22nd, 2013

As a few of you might have noticed, there were some layout flaws with the latest chapter of Apple of My Eye.
for this reason, i've taken it down in order to rework it and fix a couple of other "incidents" that i noticed.
this is mainly due to the fact that this was the first chapter i did not write entirely in Word, and as such, there are a few sections even in the original document where the spacing looks.... off....

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Emotional Storm Finale · 8:52am Jun 17th, 2013

Just a heads up, i'm about halfway done the last chapter of the Emotional Storm section, and i hope nobody minds a long chapter... it's shaping up to be at least 10000 words... possibly more... in any case, it should be up by either Friday morning or Saturday morning if i keep up this pace, possibly sooner, who knows. And for those of you wondering, no, the whole "out of the blue dangerous adventure" bit isn't going to be a regular thing now. it's a one time thing to help me jolt my brain back

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BACK IN BUSINESS! · 7:28am May 5th, 2013

Hey there everyone!

Guess who's finally got a new computer!

if you said me, then you're right on the money, and if you guessed anything, odds are that you might be right, but that's beside the point.
i actually got my new machine a full week ahead of schedule, and as i write this, i'm downloading Word (again... seriously, when did they come out with two new versions?) and as soon as it's done, i'll begin writing the next chapter in AoME.

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4/1/013 announcement · 6:51pm Apr 1st, 2013

Huh... so apparently Knighty is going away. I'd be more freaked out if they hadn't made the announcement at 3 in the morning and on April Fools Day. I never had a problem with Knighty, and i'll miss him. it's always sad when someone leaves the group. As for Poultron, one, i never knew that was a user, so pleasant surprise there, less pleasant was the whole HiE fics are banned thing... i won't deny that as of late the featured box was getting a little weird, but i feel like that's the price you

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Not something normal... · 3:14pm Mar 4th, 2013

hey folks. just now got the idea to make a blog post along with the usual thingie that pops up when there's a new chapter out. blame Wanderer D if you want to, i'm too tired to care. And this isn't gonna be a normal thing with me, i just think the 4 AM update time might have missed a few of you, and i know the site is buggy with me at the best of times. Anyways, yeah, here's another notice. take care, i'm gonna go get some sleep.

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Apple of My Eye update notice · 10:23pm Feb 22nd, 2013

Okay, this is for anyone that is watching me, i suppose, because i doubt anyone not getting updates about me will ever take the time to try and look for me on here.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today i learned that you shouldn't try and write a chapter that you're uncomfortable with. Not only does it bug you as a writer, but it also bugs the readers.
I also learned that i should not try writing ANYTHING, except maybe Meta pieces, on three hours of sleep for a two day period.

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