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I’m a Patreon Subscriber now, yaaay! · 1:23pm July 14th

I’ve got to say, FIMFiction is a damn impressive site. I’ve fiddled around with setting up LAMP stacks and deploying PHP web apps and all sorts of things, and a site like this? The back-end code is the heart and soul. And what does FIMFiction offer to authors? A WYSIWYG editor that lets you seamlessly save work straight to the database at the touch of a button, like draft-saving in a forum, a blog system, a customizable user profile with tiles you can shift around, user groups with their own

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Pet Peeve #001 - On the matter of humming. · 5:51am July 8th

This might not be worthy of a blog. Okay, well, it might be. I just wanted everyone to know my displeasure with a certain... thing I've seen cropping up in people's writing.

Jason hummed. "Well, I guess things couldn't possibly get any worse."


"Hmm, well, I guess things couldn't possibly get any worse," Jason said.

Which one of those two sentences do you think flows better?

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Just how wealthy are they? · 8:36pm June 13th

Twilight Sparkle. You know her family’s got to be loaded. They live in Canterlot and are now officially a noble family, for crying out loud. She doesn’t live very opulently. Her castle is as threadbare as they come, she doesn’t wear fancy finery or jewelry or anything, but you just know that Twilight can pull a big honking sack of bits out of her derrière at any time, and if she couldn’t, you know Celestia would help her out. It’s weird.

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