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Hey my names ben. Ill be writing fics here. I love reading.

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Thanks for the favourite on "Wildfire 3: The Flame Renewed".

2340967 Thank you!!

That's the idea of these side stories. To take the story from another character's POV, and to delve a little deeper into their motivations and such like, as well as what happened to them.

"I Might Call You Back", especially does this. This covers what happened to split the friends apart after Wildfire's disappearance and the lead up to the event with Darkstar.

2340940 I enjoyed that it filled in the gaps, showing where brightstar had been and how his relationship with moonbeak grew and how he started becoming a father figure for athena. I also, loved Astraea as a character due to her personality. Finally, it showed his initial reactions of what had happened to his sister and felt very realistic in terms of reactions to such news.

2340935 a Wilyverser! I love all my fans, and you are wonderful darling. Have you tried "One For The Picture Book?"

2340694 I like all the wilyverse series, that one seemed to slip under the radar at some point hehe:twilightsheepish:

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