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We all know what Angel did to Fluttershy before her assertiveness training. However, what we do not know is that things were not as they seemed. What is the truth of what happened that week? This story will show that Angel cares more for Fluttershy than most imagined

Author's Note: I was unable to reconcile Angel's behavior in "Putting your Hoof Down" with what he did before and since. This is my way of explaining his massive out of character actions.

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First impressions are important, but often inaccurate. For example, Gilda. When she first met Pinkie, she seemed like a controlling, abrasive, thieving jerk. But is that all there is to her? Or is the real situation much more complicated? When Gilda returns to Ponyville to try and fix her friendship with Rainbow Dash, the truth will be revealed.

AN: This is my first fic on this site, and any constructive criticism will be appreciated. I would also appreciate any corrections you have to make. I'll also do some fine-tuning to this fic after the fact. Updates will be sporadic, but I'll try to get do so at least twice a week. Thank you for understanding

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