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2nd Story Recap/ Future Plans · 4:47am Oct 26th, 2012

Boom! Unfortunately, I didn't make the finals for the Horror Story contest. I guess that's okay. I probably should have picked something scarier to write about or maybe it was just my writing.
Oh well, wasn't much of a horror person anyway.

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Ok. Thx. I'll read your new story ASAP...heck I'll read it now!:twilightsmile:


Oh, it's cool. Lol, I'll just always tell you personally when I post a new story. :pinkiehappy:

Wasn't sure if you got my PM, but in it, I said I was having some problems with my computer, resulting with the inability to follow ppl and favorite fics. Sorry if me not following you concerned you.:twilightblush:

Alrighty then. I look forward to reading more of your stories.


Lol, why hello there! I don't know, maybe people just don't feel like talking to me. It's cool though. :ajsmug:

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