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I am actually doing pretty well on my story. I ditched my last idea and this time my writing abilities have improved (not so much punctuation wise) and i can get a decent amount of words out that make sense and sound good. Not sure when I will be done, but it should be finished.... eventually.


Right in the feelz · 3:46am May 13th, 2013

I don't care if this is ever read or not, but i have to say something. My friend recently introduced me to a wonderful thing. This thing, is "Katawa Shoujo." To put it simply, the title translates to "Disability Girls."

I don't want to describe the entire game, but i will say this.... It and MLD are the only 2 things in the past year that made me cry... or cry such a high amount at least.

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    This is a pretty good story. It has incredible character development. Something you might wanna take some notes on.

    139465 Not every Alicorn fic is bad. My first was an Alicorn fic, and it did surprisingly well. A ratio of 40u/3d (u=up d=down).

    You just have to know what you're doing to pull it off. I mean, I don't personally like it, but others do.

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