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Why I am not writing · 4:19am Dec 15th, 2012

Even though no one is reading this im going to say this anyway. The reason I have not been writing is because of four reasons:
1. School.
2.There no way I was gonna miss out on Halo 4 and COD Black Ops2.
3. I have really bad writers block.
4.I so f***ing lazy.

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241536 Okay... I'll tell you it, was, FROSTING !, Nope chuck testa :trollestia:

241521 For some reason, I do not want to know what you slipped on. DO NOT TELL ME. :twilightangry2:

That weird moment when, you step into the boy's bathroom and slip, and then looked at what you slipped on. then cry in a corner.... true story:twistnerd:

Hello anime tng here get to da chopper ! :pinkiesmile:

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