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I am a newbie pegasister who was referred to this site by a friend. (Does not know his username). I love writing stories, and have even recieved academic awards for my writings.


Hello FIM Fiction! · 3:43am Sep 23rd, 2012

Hello FIM Fiction! I am a huge pony and and even huger (I know that is not a real worrd so don't go grammar nazi on me) dragon fan. Oddly enough, I like the bad/ bad-ish guys in MLP, My top faves being Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, and Queen Chrysallis. OMG I NEARLY FORGOT ABOUT DERPY!!!!!! OMG I love derpy. Ask me anything about dragons and I can probably answer it.

P.S.Hey, comment on my story plz. I'm new and would appreciate some critique.

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